Grocery Store Savings Made Simple

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  • + fast recipes kids will love
  • + savings at your grocery store
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Tips For Saving Money At The Grocery Store

Food makes up 12% of the household budget. If the average family spends $6,000 per year on food, what would it mean if you could decrease that by just 10%? You could save $600 per year! These tips can help you achieve those savings:

  1. Have a plan
    Take time to make a meal plan before you leave the house. Create your meal plan using the sales from your local grocery store. You can find the sales in the circular that comes to your house once a week, or most grocery stores publish their weekly sales online.
  2. Bring a list
    A list helps you save in many ways. When you have a list that is organized by department, you can get through the aisles quickly. This avoids backtracking and spending extra time in the grocery store. Studies show that for every minute over thirty (30) minutes you spend in the grocery store, you spend $1 per minute. When you follow your grocery list, you buy only what you need for the week. This saves you money on a per week basis and also reduces food waste at your house.
  3. Shop smart
    A grocery store is designed to encourage you to buy more. Compare products by price per unit rather than list prices. Eye level products can be more expensive than those on higher or lower shelves. Endcaps are promotions that are paid for by food manufacturers and may not be the best deal.

Savings Made Simple

If following these tips sounds like a lot of work, you can try the Meal Planning by meal planning software. We do the heavy lifting to give you:

  • Grocery store savings at your store,
  • An aisle by aisle printable grocery list,
  • Personalized weekly meal plan.

Here's how the meal planning system works:

  • Select your local grocery stores,
  • Compare sales from the circulars at your favorite grocery stores,
  • Choose what sale items sound good to you,
  • Browse through thousands of easy recipes that include your favorite foods,
  • Develop a meal plan around sale items,
  • View other printable grocery coupons for items you may want,
  • Print your grocery list or send it to your email account or iPhone.